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Because of the proliferation of technology, today’s market place is undoubtedly more complex than it has ever been. Just as world super powers were engaged in the arms race between the 19th and 20th centuries, the 21st century has seen the battle to be about technology, and the battle is between businesses, both big and small. As businesses compete for consumers, the best technology available that will help solve consumer problems in the most convenient and affordable way is the technology that will carry the day. Businesses are therefore in a constant battle to outdo each other.

The Ice E website has a team of writers dedicated to keeping track of these market changes and trends, and keeping entrepreneurs both new and seasoned updated. Our goal is to ensure they have the right market insights, knowledge, information and news to enable them ensure that their business ventures are at par and relevant with the market.

In order to ensure that this platform has the right and diverse content, we want it to be open and interactive. We therefore would like to extend an invitation to external writers. If you have content that you feel will benefit other entrepreneurs, we invite you to share it on our platform. We encourage personal experiences and stories that other entrepreneurs can draw lessons from.

To share with us your material, please fill in the form below and a member of our writing team will be in touch with you shortly.