About Us

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Many entrepreneurs getting into business today are unprepared for the 21st century market place because they lack the right 21st century skills. It’s for this reason that we developed Ice E, a platform dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with the right knowledge, information, insights, and business news to enable them successfully transform their businesses into 21st century-ready businesses. It’s our mission to help you grow your business.

This is a platform for new entrepreneurs as well as those who have been in business and would like to transform them into 21st century-ready businesses. So what do we mean by 21st century-ready businesses? For any business to survive in today’s market place, the entrepreneur behind the venture will need to be a problem solver, digitally literate, and highly adaptable. These are what we refer to as 21st century skills. These skills are necessary because the fast pace at which technology keeps transforming and improving means that businesses too have to keep up. The only way a business can keep up is if the entrepreneur behind it is sufficiently equipped with these skills.

We intend to take you through an interactive, informative and transformative journey and we therefore look forward to your audience.


Maik Fisher – Founder, Ice E